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Helps you manage your command-line tools and their dependencies.

The sandbox plugin for rubygems helps you manage your command-line tools and their dependencies. Sandboxed gems are installed in their own private repositories with their dependencies. This means that you don’t have to have a rats nest of gems in your global repository in order to run popular command-tools like rdoc, flog, flay, rcov, etc.

gem sandbox has the following sub-commands:

gem sandbox list
list current sandboxes
gem sandbox install gem_name ...
install 1 or more gems
gem sandbox outdated gem_name ...
check 1 or more gems for outdated deps
gem sandbox plugin gem_name plugin_name ...
install a gem and plugins for it
gem sandbox uninstall gem_name ...
uninstall 1 or more gems
gem sandbox cleanup gem_name ...
remove older gem deps
gem sandbox update gem_name ...
update 1 or more gems


% gem uninstall flog flay ruby_parser sexp_processor
% gem sandbox install flog flay
% cp ~/.gem/sandboxes/*/bin/* ~/bin
% flay whatever

Get The Code

If you just want to use rubygems-sandbox, you can install it via RubyGems:
gem install rubygems-sandbox
Fork me on GitHub If you want to hack on rubygems-sandbox, clone it from GitHub:
git clone git://github.com/seattlerb/rubygems-sandbox

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