🕷 software projects

by ryan davis


Sometimes I write codes and then share them on the internet. Here are some of those codes.

88 Projects:

autotest-rails   autotest plugin for rails support
bfts   Big “formal” test suite
box_layout   HTML tables using ASCII art
change_class   Lets you set the class of an object.
cocor   coco/r parser generator for pure ruby
debride   Analyze code for potentially uncalled / dead methods.
debride-erb   Extends debride to analyze erb (w/ rails’ extensions) files.
event_hook   Faster rb_event_hook support using simple ruby
flay   code analyzer that reports structural similarities
flay-persistence   Makes flay analysis persistent and cross-project.
flog   Ruby complexity metrics
gauntlet   Runs code against all the latest rubygems.
gem-stfu   A shorter gem name than gem-shut-the-fuck-up
github_contribs   A simple commandline tool that downloads yearly contribution graphs from github and assembles them into a unified view.
githubscore   a dashboard overview of the current state of your github issues and PRs
graph   Easiest and cleanest graphviz api EVER.
graphics   a simple framework to implement games and/or simulations
heckle   Unit Testing Sadism (via test mutation)
hoe   ruby project management made simple
hoe-seattlerb   Hoe plugins common to Seattle.rb projects.
image_science   Clean and happy thumbnail generation.
makerakeworkwell   extends rake to work better
metaruby   Metaruby is a reimplementation of ruby in ruby.
minitest   Testing for people who value their time
minitest-allow   Allow known bad tests to fail without failing CI
minitest-autotest   the latest incarnation of the venerable and wise autotest
minitest-bacon   extends minitest with 90+% bacon-like functionality.
minitest-bisect   helps you isolate and debug random test failures
minitest-compare   A quick and dirty tool to compare test time deltas between two runs
minitest-coverage   Ruby’s contemporary test coverage tools all lie. This fixes that.
minitest-debugger   Drop into the ruby debugger on a failed assertion.
minitest-excludes   Extends minitest to provide a unique test filtering API.
minitest-focus   Allows you to easily focus on a few tests.
minitest-gcstats   A minitest reporter showing top tests by number of allocations.
minitest-happy   All pride, all the time!
minitest-lint   Lint your minitest assertions.
minitest-macruby   GUI testing for macruby projects
minitest-proveit   proves success via assertion rather than absence of failure
minitest-server   A client/server setup for minitest.
minitest-speed   keeps tests fast
minitest-sprint   A minitest runner.
minitest-stackprofit   helps you find bottlenecks in/via your tests
minitest-trump   I’ve got the best tests in all the land. Absolutely the best!
minitest-unordered   A minitest assertion for unordered collection equality.
minitest_bench   Comparative views of test framework speeds
minitest_tu_shim   test/unit bridge for minitest/unit
oedipus_lex   a lexer generator in the same family as rexical and rex.
ohmygems   ohmygems:rubygems::rbenv:rubies
omnifocus   Synchronizes bug tracking systems to omnifocus.
omnifocus-bugzilla   Plugin for omnifocus gem to provide bugzilla BTS synchronization.
omnifocus-github   Plugin for omnifocus gem to provide github BTS synchronization.
omnifocus-redmine   Plugin for the omnifocus gem to provide synchronization with Redmine
omnifocus-rt   Plugin for omnifocus gem to provide rt BTS synchronization.
omnifocus-rubyforge   Plugin for omnifocus gem to provide rubyforge BTS synchronization.
osx_keychain   Use ruby to connect to OS X’s keychain
parsetree   A C extension that extracts ruby ASTs
path_expander   pre-process command-line arguments expanding directories into files
png   PNG via ruby
rake-remote_task   Extends rake with remotely run tasks.
rdoc_osx_dictionary   rdoc via Apple’s Dictionary.app
rfc_spec   specs where “should” is actually optional
ruby2ruby   Generates ruby code from ruby_parser sexps
ruby2smalltalk   Generate smalltalk from ruby code.
ruby_parser   A ruby parser written in ruby
ruby_to_c   Translate static ruby subset to C
rubyaudit   A silly project to compare and port features from other languages to ruby
rubygems-checkcert   Gem command to display the certificate of a gem.
rubygems-cleanroom   Gives you a truly clean gem environment.
rubygems-sandbox   Helps you manage your command-line tools and their dependencies.
rubygems-sing   “sings” end statements in ruby
rubyholic   A ‘no-peeky’-TDD rails site for ruby groups.
rubyinline   Inlined foreign code for ultra-fast and flexible ruby.
rubyinlinefortran   Just because we can… Inline::Fortran.
sexp_processor   Flexible language processing tools.
ssh   Simple streaming ssh command runner. Nothing more.
un   unextend and uninclude for prototype-oriented programming
vlad   Pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy.
vlad-perforce   A vlad plugin providing perforce support.
wilson   A pure ruby x86 assembler.
worker_bee   Encapsulates a simple pipeline of threaded workers.
yoda   Spec yoda will, and spec you shall too.
zengraph   Temporal graphs from arbitrary data.
zenhacks   A cornucopia of hackery.
zenprofile   A faster version of the standard library profiler plus extra tools.
zentest   autotest and much more
zenweb   Stupid fast static website generation
zenweb-template   provides an example zenweb template website
zombies   Zombie Epidemic Simulator