Handy things to download

Note: all file descriptions are those of Compaq

SP3634.EXE (1.18 Rev. A, 9 July 1997)
Compaq Diagnostics for Windows 3.1x /Windows 95

SP3030.EXE -- 567 K -- (03 April 97)
Portable Supplemental Diskette for Microsoft Windows 95 (Armada) VERSION: 2.04 Rev. B LANGUAGE: English SUPERSEDES: SP2049, SP1329. Warning: This one was intended for the Armada.

SP2373.EXE Version 10.11B (27 September 1996)
This software tests and inspects both Compaq EISA and ISA systems.

SP2345.EXE -- 101 K -- (16 October 96)
Office 95 Keyboard Slowdown Patch SUPERSEDES: SP1351

SP2158.EXE -- 41 K -- (26 September 96)
This software contains the SETPORT utility, which allows the user to configure the parallel port in the Microsoft MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x, and Windows 95 environments. The following modes are supported: Standard unidirectional mode, Bidirectional mode, EPP mode, and ECP mode. Please note that SETPORT uses the IEEE 1284 BIOS specification. Version 1.00 (26 September 1996)

SP2054.EXE Version 1.12B (6 November 1996)
This software creates a diskette containing Computer Setup for Portables. This version of Computer Setup is operating system independent. Sp2054 contains diag/test v10.11C.

SP2041.EXE -- 534 K -- (08 August 96)
Supplemental Programs for Windows 3.1 ver 2.03 Rev A. (intended for the Armada)

SP2040.EXE -- 455 K -- (02 August 96)
Supplemental Programs for DOS 6.2 ver: 1.09 Rev A. (intended for the Armada)

SP2039.EXE -- 1166 K -- (02 August 96)
Portable Computer SETUP for Windows 3.1 ver: 3.10 Rev A. (intended for the Armada)

SP2024.EXE -- 1407 K -- (30 July 96)
Compaq PCMCIA Support (for Windows 95) Ver: 1.00 Rev. C

SP1992.EXE -- 375 K -- (05 July 96)
System ROMPAQ for an Contura Aero dated 05/16/96. This ROM is a patch ROM and is derived from the 07/19/95 System ROM. It resolves the following issues: - Properly restores the speed setting through a standby. - Properly updates the RTC through a standby. - Flushes the disk cache before entering standby. - Solves problems reclaiming upper memory blocks. - Solves Int 14 test failures on extended stop bits. SUPERCEDES: SP1487

Compaq PCMCIA Support for MS DOS/Windows Version 3.14 Rev E The files included on this diskette enable the PCMCIA functionality for the LTE 5000 family within a Microsoft DOS/Windows environment. SUPERSEDES: SP1473
1011 K -- (30 May 96)

This softpaq contains four versions of EPP BIOS to use in conjunction with EPP aware devices. Each EPP mode has been known to fix particular problems related to these devices (including tape backup systems). EPPBIOS.SYS - standard EPP mode EPPFIFO.SYS - standard EPP mode with FIFOs enabled EPPSLCOM.SYS - SL compatible EPP mode EPPSLFIF.SYS - SL compatible EPP mode with FIFOs enabled Only one of the above files should be loaded in your CONFIG.SYS. SUPERSEDES: SP1147

SP1585.EXE -- 540 K -- (18 April 96)
Portables Windows Supplemental Disk for MS Windows 3.1x Version 2.01 The files included on this diskette allow enhanced hardware features included on Compaq Elite, Contura 400 Family, Contura Aero, and Contura to operate with Microsoft Windows 3.1x. One (1) formatted 1.44 MB floppy is required to continue with the operation of this softpaq. Please view the README.TXT contained on the diskette built from this softpaq for installation instructions. SUPERSEDES: SP1249 (for Portable products only)

SP1487.EXE -- 288 K -- (24 April 96)
The contents of this SoftPAQ contain a ROM upgrade for the Contura Aero dated 7 Dec 95. Please read the README.TXT file competely before beginning installation and follow the instructions carefully. SUPERSEDES: SP1331

SP1454.EXE -- 844 K -- (18 December 95)
Fix Partition Utility to Restore Primary Partition; In rare instances on Compaq products with a serial number range between x502xxxxxxxx and x547xxxxxxxx (except Presario 7100 and LTE 5000), upgrading a hard drive system partition may result in the loss of the primary partition. The error "Missing Operating System" may appear upon rebooting after a system partition update. The FIXPART.EXE utility updates a corrupted file allocation table (FAT) using the backup copy of the FAT stored on the hard drive. The Operating System files are also replaced with the appropriate set of files for DOS 6.2 or Windows 95 systems. The utility will not correct partition information for units running Windows NT, OS/2, UNIX, or any other non-DOS operating system. Execute the utility and view on-screen instructions by booting from the diskette created from this SoftPaq.

Fix Contura Aero PCMCIA Floppy Drive in Windows 95 This update to Compaq PC Card Manager (CPCM.VXD) is for the Contura Aero sub-notebook computer. It corrects read errors that can occur when attempting to use the optional PCMCIA External Floppy Drive as a hot-pluggable device under Windows 95.

This software contains supplemental programs in the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system. Version 2.00 B (11 September 1995). This is the last version intended for the Aero.

STBY_HIB.COM allows Contura Aero users to choose between normal standby functionality and "hibernate on standby". -- 12 K -- (08 June 94)

This self-extracting archive from the folks at microsoft adds the ability to play more than just beeps through your Aero's PC-speaker when running MS Windows