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Currently, the best resource for the Aero is Uli Hansen's Aero Page.


The Compaq Contura Aero laptop is an ultralight, cheap, sub-notebook. It used a slow, energy efficient CPU and had only the bare-bones necessities. It was, and is, more than enough computer to word process with. Compaq discontinued this laptop due to poor sales rather early on. It still is a great machine to write on, but it is getting more and more difficult to find support. The following information is my attempt to help fill the void. All of this information was provided by kind individuals of the Aero Community. This site is not associated with Compaq. Thank you all very much!


It is here where you will find all sorts of collected lore of a community of aero users. Topics include: How to install a new harddrive, how to upgrade the OS, and much much more.

The FAQ is avaliable in a variety of formats:

Other Documents

Compaq Corporation's Official Stuff

Pictures of the Aero

The Incredibly Wonderous Compaq Aero Mailing List!

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Miscellaneous Other Stuff

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Here are two files that came with my aero:
Here is the versions I used:

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