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Presentations (most of them)

Please send me your materials if I haven’t gotten them yet. I’ll put them up ASAP. Thanks!

Friday, October 14

Francis Hwang: Top to Bottom Testing? TODO
N/A (Please Send)
Akira Tanaka: open-uri, easy to use and extensible virtual file system
open-uri.pdf (192k)
Charles Nutter: JRuby: A Ruby VM in Java
JRuby.pdf (844k)
Koichi SASADA: YARV Progress Report
RubyConf2005_ko1_YARV.pdf (340k)
Eric Hodel: Reimplementing Ruby
MetaRubyFinal.pdf (712K)

Saturday, October 15

Kevin Baird: Refactoring No Clergy
RefactoringNoClergy.tar.gz (128k)
Brent Roman: Embedding Ruby into a Robotic Marine Laboratory
EmbeddedRuby.pdf (2.7m)
Austin Ziegler: PDF::Writer
PDFWriter.pdf (28k)
Ryan Davis: Polishing Ruby: Power Tools and Toys
ZenHacks2005.pdf (3.5m)
Jim Weirich: Creating Domain Specific Languages in Ruby
lingo.tgz (432k)
Karlin Fox: System Testing in Ruby with Systir
N/A (Please Send)
Yukihiro “matz” Matsumoto: Keynote address
N/A (Please Send)

Sunday, October 16

David Heinemeier Hansson: The State of the Rails
N/A (Please Send)
Nathaniel Talbott: Rails: Serving the long tail in 1883 and 2005
long_tail.tar.gz (360k), original
Aslak Hellesoy: Continuous Integration with DamageControl
N/A (Please Send)
David Heinemeier Hansson: Hands-on Rails
N/A (Please Send)
Jim Weirich & Chad Fowler: Continuations Demystified
callcc.tgz (16k)